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College Dorm


The RSA boarding provides a safe space for students to grow socially, culturally and academically. Our boarding team is welcoming and approachable making the atmosphere friendly and at home. Living together fosters mutual respect, confidence and encourages academic networking.  RSA acts as a home away from home and nurtures a sense of responsibility and self discipline. The Boarding experience will prepare students for University life and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Students Walking Home

Life of a Boarder

RSA has separate boarding houses for boys and girls. The walk from the boarding house to the academic block is calming and scenic. They enjoy exercising and running in the open air. Students from the boarding have the opportunity to be a part of exclusive boarding clubs. The interdisciplinary clubs foster talents and bring out the artist in the students. As part of their weekend activities, students get a chance to partake in adventurous sports, daily life skill building exercises, watch movies and plays and upskill their passion. The multiple activities that students take part in as a boarder help them grow into responsible and confident leaders of tomorrow.


Boarding students have a balanced academic and co-curricular schedule. They partake in after school sports, get time to call family and friends and also have dedicated study hours. Their daily schedule is listed below for reference.

Piano Lesson

Pastoral Care

RSA has dedicated staff who live in the boarding facilities as house/dorm parents. Their primary duty is to take care of the pastoral needs of a student. This includes supporting students academically, emotionally, socially and culturally. They also make sure that students groom themselves and take care of their personal hygiene. The dorm parents work with each student’s parents to make boarding life simple, fun and engaging.


Sample Menu

At RSA boarding we try our best to cater to a multi palette audience. We have students from across the globe and our cafeteria team constantly works on satisfying their taste buds while ensuring healthy, nutritious and balanced meals. 

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