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About RSA

Royal SCITS Academy is a private secondary day and boarding school located in the beautiful city of Sarnia, Ontario. We offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program (OSSD) and provide an enriched learning environment that will help students grow into global citizens. With experience in knowledge sharing for over a century, we believe that progressive learning will nurture bright and curious minds. 


The Royal SCITS academy endeavours to be a well rounded institution for secondary education in Canada by stimulating student engagement, skill development and experiential learning. 


Royal SCITS Academy builds on its legacy of educational brilliance in creating an exciting, inspiring and open-minded atmosphere for learning. We motivate students to explore, overcome challenges and grow into dynamic and globally minded individuals.

Value Systems

Integrating values into our learning systems is our way of fostering holistic learners. The values that we believe in are:


Doing things for others without any expectation is being kind and caring. Using kind gestures and language with others is being empathetic. Any one of these can bring a change to someone’s day or life and that’s how we strive our students to become. 


Treat everyone as an equal. Respect people’s opinions and feelings. Treating others with respect is a reflection of how each of us want to be treated. When we are respectful in our daily lives, we create a community of individuals that can accomplish the unimaginable together.


Being honest, courageous and humble while doing the right thing every day is living a life of integrity. We encourage our students to show integrity as learners and as reliable individuals.


To be successful, one has to be responsible. Self accountability in learning and in daily actions breeds responsible and confident students.

Hard Work

We teach students to be patient, optimistic and work diligently towards their goal. Perseverance and hardwork will make amazing things happen.


Long Standing
Heritage of Educational

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