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The students at Royal SCITS Academy experience a diverse range of co-curricular activities. These activities give them the opportunity to pursue their passion and bond as a community. We offer several options as co-curriculars to enable students to be directly involved in designing their own educational path. Some of the activities that we offer are:


The arts are a vital part of our education system. We believe that arts broadens the perspective of students’ learning and gives them an insight into global cultural heritage along with a creative sense of accomplishment. At Royal SCITS Academy, as part of the arts program, we offer Music (Instrumental & Vocals), Band, Choir, Theater, Visual Arts, Film and Photography. Our auditorium is well known in Sarnia and we host plenty of performance based activities there.

Sports & Athletics

Sports and athletics not only keep our students active and healthy, they also teach them to be patient and hopeful. It promotes team spirit and a positive attitude. Organization, time management and punctuality are a few qualities that are imprinted into students through sports. At Royal SCITS academy students can choose to be a part of Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Triathlon, Volleyball, Swimming and Wrestling. Students can also skate and play hockey across the school arena. 

Kids Playing Volleyball
Hiking in Forest
Experiential Learning

Learning through experiments and reflections is what we call Experiential Learning. Through this program, students are able to take a hands-on approach to learning through simulation, volunteering, shadowing, research, social and clinical experiments, and much more.

Student Exchange Program

Cross cultural learning programs allow students to step out of their comfort zone and explore educational and career possibilities that may seem new. Exchange programs can be transformative, informative and adventurous for students. They learn to be self-sufficient and independent.

Student Internship Program

Internship programs act as a platform for students to deep dive into their choice of career before they step into university. These programs shed light into how organizations and departments work. They get a chance to apply their knowledge and experience real work life.

After School Activities

We offer after school activities in Sports and arts for students who are interested in pursuing their passion professionally.


STEM education is an integral part of learning at the Royal SCITS Academy. It lets the students think of endless creative ideas, and explore the magical world of limitless technological possibilities. Students develop an understanding and appreciation of each of the core subjects of mathematics (calculus, trigonometry, etc), science, engineering and technology through STEAM. It supports application-based learning and gives them an insight into engineering design and innovation. 

  • Business Leadership - Allows students to examine facts of business such as human resources, finance, and media

  • Computer Science – Using modular design principles to create complex programs, managing a large software development project, & exploring areas of research in computer science.

  • Will participate in case competitions and events across Ontario, possibly some special events in the rest of Canada and the US as well. 

Students Sitting on Staircase
College Students


Students have various opportunities to explore their interests and talents. Clubs allow students to acquire and refine skills that they may not otherwise have the opportunity or time to do during curriculum studies. It also presents an opportunity for leadership development and a respite from academics. The clubs that we currently offer are Art Club, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Equity and Inclusion, Intramurals (lunch time athletics), DECA (Business Case Competitions)and Model United Nations (MUN). We also have a Sailing Club and a Kayak/Canoe Club. Students are more than welcome to take initiative to start a club of their interest too.

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