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In 2018, Canada accepted 721,205 international students. The Government of Canada has opened opportunities for international students and new immigrants to study, work & settle in Canada. Now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity to market student enrollment.

Individuals with an educational background such as teachers, principals etc, or individuals from any other sectors i.e. Banking, Medical professionals, Business Admin, Marketing, Consulting etc, can become full time or part-time BDOs (Business Development officers).


BDO’s can work towards enrolling students individually and/or tie-up with educational institutions in partnership with RSA. Compensation will be rewarded accordingly as per the volume of enrolment.

As a Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for educating students of all ages (including mature students) about the benefits of the OSSD as well as providing an academic plan for their continued undergraduate study in Canadian universities/colleges.  The success of RSA relies heavily on its BDO’s. With affiliated offices all over the world, RSA has built a strong network of BDO’s to promote its programs. BDO’s are the core of RSA’s business and we strive to ensure that they are not only well compensated but also provided with the best training so that they can perform their jobs at the highest level.

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