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Are you looking to take a course outside of your current high school? Do you need to retake a course for university applications? Are you an adult student looking to graduate high school? With RSA's OSSD Credit Program students and adults are able to complete single or multiple OSSD credit's on their own time in the comfort of their own home or in the SCITS building. 


Earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma involves completing specific courses and meeting the requirements set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. At RSA you can choose courses that align with your educational goals and interests, ensuring they fulfill the compulsory credit requirements. Students are given up to 10 months to complete the entire course, however they are able to take the course at their own pace within the 10 month limit. Achieving a passing grade (50% or higher) is crucial to earn the credit. You can consult with RSA school administrators for guidance on course selection and to ensure you're meeting all necessary requirements for graduation. 


At RSA we offer multi disciplinary subjects. Students can choose their areas of interest in grades 11 & 12. Experiencing academic learning across fields will allow our students to make more informed decisions about their post secondary education. The university level/prep courses that offer are:

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