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Application Deadline: June 30, 2024


Royal SCITS Academy is delighted to announce the launch of our Local Scholarship Program, designed to support our community's students. Through generous funding, we've secured $250,000 to provide scholarships to deserving students, offering opportunities for academic excellence, athletic development, and personal achievement.


Scholarship Details

  • Total Funding: $250,000

  • Scholarship Amounts: Up to $7,000 per student 

  • Eligibility:

    • Students who demonstrate strong moral character

    • Athletically talented students

    • Academically strong students

  • Levels: Open to both elementary and high school students at RSA

Possible Scholarship Scenario  

A student is granted the full $7000 scholarship bringing their total tuition for the 2024-2025 academic school year to $5000. This $5000 is payable either in one full instalment or two instalments of $2500 (First instalment due by July 30th, 2024 and second instalment is due by January 1st, 2025)


Application Process

  1. Complete the form on the right and upload the required documents.

  2. Upload Required Documentation:

    • A personal statement describing the need for financial support or how the scholarship would benefit the student's education and future goals (Please compile in to one file)

    • Academic records, community involvement and/or athletic achievements (Please compile in to one file)

  3. Evaluation: Applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee consisting of RSA faculty and administration. Considerations will be based on financial need, academic merit, and athletic prowess.




Personal Statement

Thanks for submitting!

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